Create a plugin

  • Open CMD or Terminal then run "php artisan cms:create "
  • You can see more detail here: Create a plugin

Delete a plugin

  • When a plugin created, we will have a set of permissions which stored in "permission_flags" table.

  • Permission with column "is_feature" = 1 will be use to activate or deactivate this plugin.

  • Now we will remove this plugin ("demo" plugin).

  • Command "php artisan cms:remove demo" (demo is plugin's name)

  • Deactivate "demo" plugin.

  • It will be remove "demo" table and its permission

  • Delete folder demo in /plugins and delete /plugins directory if it's empty

In this case, We just have one plugin is "demo" so this command will be delete /plugins directory too

It's done.

See video for more detail: Delete a plugin