Botble is using some packages.

  1. cartalyst/sentinel

Sentinel is a PHP 5.4+ fully-featured authentication & authorization system. It also provides additional features such as user roles and additional security features.

Sentinel is a framework agnostic set of interfaces with default implementations, though you can substitute any implementations you see fit.

This package likes Laravel Auth but it has more features than Auth. You can see more detail here: or

  1. yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle

  2. venturecraft/revisionable

  3. lord/laroute

  4. baum/baum

  5. intervention/image

  6. roumen/sitemap

  7. davejamesmiller/laravel-breadcrumbs

  8. laravel/socialite

  9. laravelcollective/html

And custom some packages, it located on /core directory

  1. spatie/laravel-analytics (/core/analytics)

  2. arcanedev/seo-helper (/core/seo-helper)

  3. anlutro/l4-settings (/core/settings)

  4. arcanedev/log-viewer (/core/log-viewer)

  5. arcanedev/no-captcha (/core/captcha)